Jason Deramo, LCSW

Jason Deramo, LCSW

Licensed in Virginia and Washington D.C.

Jason Deramo, LCSW was born and raised outside of Washington, D.C. He has been practicing social work for over a decade. Jason has worked in a variety of settings, all of which has strengthened his clinical skills. Jason’s clinical interests revolve around his deep and profound appreciation of the meditative traditions. Jason has practiced mindfulness meditation for over 20 years and was formally trained in this tradition at Naropa University. Jason believes in the inherent wisdom and strength within all human beings and utilizes a number of approaches to reveal that wisdom and strength to his clients. Jason’s person centered approach includes acceptance and commitment therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, psycho-dynamic therapy, trans-personal therapy, and existential therapy. Jason tailors his approach to each client he sees, but always approaches therapy from a humanistic perspective.

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